Welcome to the world of LLYLΛ Swimwear and Sportswear!

Armed with the conviction that there was something that they could do about this, these sisters set out to find designers and manufacturers who could help them bring their vision to Life.

The idea grew legs, and soon with the help of family and friends, LLYLΛ Swimwear, Sportswear, & Lingerie came to life.

Using small manufacturers, working from the back of their house to produce gorgeous swimwear, and selling it in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban. 

The LLYLΛ range expanded to include Yoga wear, Resortwear, Athleisure with a plush range catering for women who want swimwear and sportswear that caters for fuller hips, thighs and/or derrieres.

With the incorporation of facemasks (due to the advent of the pandemic) LLYLΛ has reached customers throughout South Africa, as well London, Accra, and Harare. 

LLYLΛ swimwear is designed for women of all sizes who want to take back the choice around how much they reveal at the beach and each collection seeks to celebrate every woman's natural and effortless beauty. 
Customer Stories
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